In addition to my readings I also hold workshops and vend my artwork at fairs. Please comeback as I update this page with new events.

An Evening Exploring Past Lives with Psychic Medium Joseph.

January 19th, 2018


Eyes of Learning, Inc.

Meeting Hall:

Levittown Hall, 201 Levittown Pkwy Hicksville, NY 11801

Our soul is on a remarkable journey through the ages experiencing everything there is to experience. Joseph D'Airo has been researching past lives for years and with guidance from spirit has gathered his knowledge to present to his clients. As a part of his Crystal Connection Workshop Series Joseph will be giving a lecture help understand what our past lives mean for us followed by a guided meditation to connect to these past lives. Crystals and stones are powerful things. They hold all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages and are helpers in directing our energy in making progress in life. He has created a special crystal circular grid designed to help everyone connect and receive the imagery of their past lives in meditation.  This night can give you guidance in your exploration of your past lives and how your crystals connect to you and your past. Messages from spirit can come through at anytime to help as well. You are welcome to join us for this night of spiritual exploration.